Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel)

Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel)

Automobiles have become a basic necessity in present world of industrialization and fast growing population. An automobile is a self-propelled vehicle, which is used for road transportation of passengers and goods. The self-propelled vehicle is that contains its own source of power for the propulsion, e.g., car, jeep, bus, truck etc. World’s first automobile was produced in 1892. General Motors India Ltd.
Started their factory in Mumbai in 1928 for assembling cars and truck. Due to increasing demand and supply of cars, roads are overflowed by vehicles. There is severe problem of parking at home, parking at public places and multiplexes, traffic jam etc. the problem at parking and traffic jam.
In this work, main emphasis was given on developing a system for minimum turning space or turning radius of the vehicle.

Zero Turning Radius Vehicles:

Zero turning radius of a vehicle implies the vehicle rotating about an axis passing through the center of gravity of vehicle rather than describing a circular path as in conventional turning, i.e. the vehicle turning at the same place, where it is standing. No extra space is required to turn the vehicle. So, vehicle can be turned in the space equal to the length of vehicle itself. Zero turning radiuses exists in heavy earth mover, like excavator, which consists of two parts, i.e. the upper part, cabin and boom/jaw and lower part, crawler chain.
Driving and steering mechanism for a vehicle having a pair of driving wheels includes a steering wheel rotatable mounted to the vehicle and an accelerator foot pedal pivotally mounted to the vehicle.
Transmissions associated with the driving wheels include a pivot able control arm for controlling the operation of the transmission, which independently controls the speed and direction of rotation of the associated wheel. The vehicle is turned by causing one wheel to rotate faster than the other wheel. A zero turning radius turn can be effected by causing the driving wheels to rotate in opposite directions.

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