EREE001 Power supply control from 4 different sources (Auto ensure no power break)
EREE002 Automatic locking system to prevent theft in the house with intimation to police using GSM
EREE003 TV Remote Controlled AC Fan Speed Regulator (without microcontroller)
EREE004 Automatic washing machine control with manual override
EREE005 Automobile head light lamp intensity dimmer to control glare
EREE006 Beacon flasher usinga microcontroller and PWM fed MOSFET
EREE007 Cell phone or landline based circuit breaker
EREE008 Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond
EREE009 Four quadrant dc motor speed control with a microcontroller
EREE010 Fuzzy logic control or Closed Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly
EREE011 GSM based energy meter billing with load control
EREE012 Mobile starter: GSM based water Pump Start/Stop and send information of dry run.
EREE013 Mixer grinder speed control by using a RF remote (without microcontroller)
EREE014 automatic two phase changeover (without microcontroller)
EREE015 Wireless Power Transfer (without microcontroller)
EREE016 Industrial drafting fan in stepped speed control using BLDC motor
EREE017 Industrial furnace power control by integral cycle switching without generating harmonics
EREE018 Integrated energy management system based on GSM protocol and acknowledgement
EREE019 Intelligent, real time auto intensity control of highway lights
EREE020 IR obstacle detection to actuate the load
EREE021 Cellphone-Based Remote Controller for Water Pump (without microcontroller)
EREE022 Laser beam controlled garage door opener
EREE023 Life cycle testing of electrical loads by the down counter
EREE024 Low cost (plc) for industrial automation in the repetitive nature of work
EREE025 Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone (without microcontroller).
EREE026 Mixer grinder speed control by using a RF remote
EREE027 Mdern home automation system using the intelligent touch screen
EREE028 Modern vehicle system management in a semi can, control area network
EREE029 Movement sensed burglar alarm system
EREE030 Office automation system for optimum energy management
EREE031 Automatic three phase Change Over(without microcontroller)
EREE032 RF based Wireless Electrical Devices Controller (without microcontroller).
EREE033 Overload alarm warning system in a passenger lift with a number of occupants
EREE034 Password based circuit breaker control to ensure electric line man’s safety
EREE035 Password based jail chamber gate operation by the motor
EREE036 Precise kilometer calculation by the underground cable fault detector
EREE037 Precise temperature control for incubators used in hospitals for the pre born child
EREE038 Programmable energy auditing equipment for the industry for instantaneous electrical load
EREE039 Pump motor or lift motor burn out protection
EREE040 Four Quadrant M otor Operation (without microcontroller)
EREE042 Low power inverter using M OSFET and IGBT (without microcontroller)
EREE043 Intelligent Water Pump Controller with water level display (without microcontroller)
EREE044 Street lights that glow for 1-2km only on detecting vehicle movement
EREE045 Automatic 3-Phase Induction M otor Starter (without microcontroller)
EREE046 Tampered energy meter monitoring conveyed to control room by wireless communication
EREE047 15-step digital power supply (without microcontroller)
EREE048 Clap based 4 different electrical appliances control (without microcontroller)
EREE049 Time operated motor control with LCD display
EREE050 Transformer temperature monitoring by wireless to control room.
EREE051 Intelligant room lights (without microcontroller)
EREE052 Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker
EREE053 RF Based Temperature monitoring of transformer and acquisition system.
EREE054 Contact less Tachometer Using Hall Effect Sensor
EREE055 Load sharing for current control source regulation