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Tag: Bridge Rectifier.

Bridge Rectifier.

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  • Bridge Rectifier


    A bridge rectifier is an array of semiconductor diodes configured as a bridge that acts to change AC (alternating current) to full-wave pulsating DC (direct current). The four diodes form a square or diamond pattern. In a single-phase bridge rectifier, there are four diodes; in a 3 phase bridge rectifier, there are six diodes. When AC …

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  • Diode-1N4007


    This is an p–n diode which is a type of two-terminal semiconductor diode based upon the p–n junction that conducts current in only one direction, made by joining a p-type semiconducting layer to an n-type semiconducting layer. Technical Specifications: Peak reverse voltage: 1000V RMS reverse Voltage: 700V Output Current: 1Amp Operating Temperature: -65oC to 150oC Applications of 1N4007 Rectifier Diode: Half wave …

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