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Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner


Project Includes:

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  • PPT (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • 100% Working Model.
  • Power Supply-12 volt 2 amp .

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At recent years whiteboard has become a crucial element at almost every educational institute.  They  are  large  in  size,  for  that  reason  it  is  very  time consuming and tedious  process to erase the writings from the board with duster manually. It  breaks concentration of both lecturers and listeners.  Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner can solve these problems. Automatic whiteboard cleaner will reduce the time and also the effort. It takes around 6secs to clear the board smoothly. This paper represents the design and construction of automatic whiteboard cleaner.  The  system  consists  of  Arduino  microcontroller,  driver  module,  dc  gear  motor,  rack  and  pinion mechanism, sonar sensor, supports, and a cleaner bar to give that an automation figure. When the switch is on, it moves  across the  full width  of the board  and its direction is  reversed automatically  in order  to clean the board. So, this “Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner” is a great replacement of “duster” and it can be suggested to use this to reduce the effort of the board user as well as to introduce the classroom with an automation system.

 Keywords: Automation, whiteboard cleaner,  rack and pinion mechanism, sensor etc.


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