Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel)

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This project is a Prototype model of “Zero Turn Derive”. This Model build a mechanism which depicts zero turning radius of the car, so that a car may take U-turn having a center at the midpoint of the rear axle? It is a very innovative idea for the quick turning i.e. turning about the Rear axle of an Automobile vehicle. It is implemented in the Tata pixel Car.

Zero turning radius of a vehicle implies the vehicle rotating about an axis passing through the center of gravity of vehicle rather than describing a circular path as in conventional turning, i.e. the vehicle turning at the same place, where it is standing. No extra space is required to turn the vehicle. So, the vehicle can be turned in the space equal to the length of the vehicle itself.

Key Words: Automobile, Design of sliding Gear train, Use Steering mechanism.

Project Includes

  • Synopsis
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Report File
  • Prototype Model


  • Power Supply Only 12 Volt Adopter.
  • The battery is not Included.
  • Project Will be Designed when 50% payment is Done.

Additional information

Weight .6 g
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 90 mm


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