Design And Analysis Of Crank Shaft

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The crankshaft is large volume production component with complex geometry in the Internal Combustion (I.C) Engine. The crankshaft is a mechanical part which converts rotational motion into reciprocating motion of the piston. The crankshaft is one of the critical components for the effective and precise working of the internal combustion engine, which undergoes different loads. An attempt is made in this paper to study the Static analysis on a crankshaft from a 4-stroke I.C Engine. The modelling of the crankshaft is created using SOLID WORKS2012 Software. Finite element analysis (FEA) is performed to obtain the variation of stress at critical locations of the crankshaft using the Solid works software and applying the boundary conditions.

Then the results are drawn Von-misses stress induced in the crankshaft is 15.83Mpa and shear stress is induced in the crankshaft is 8.271Mpa. The Theoretical results are obtained von-misses stress is 19.6Mpa, shear stress is 9.28Mpa. The validation of the model is compared with the Theoretical and FEA results of Von-misses stress and shear stress are within the limits. Further, it can be extended for the different materials and dynamic analysis, optimization of the crankshaft.

Keywords: Crankshaft, finite element analysis (FEA), Solid Works Software, Static Analysis;


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