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Electromagnetic Helical Coil Gun



This project is a Prototype model of “Electromagnetic Helical Coil Gun”. In this project, a new helical coil electromagnetic launcher is designed, which launches a magnet projectile without using any mechanical launching equipment, but by applying momentary varying current to the helical coil. For measuring the velocity of the magnet projectile in different stages, a Arduino-based software and hardware system is developed, and it is also used for improving the performance of the output velocity of the magnet projectile by changing the ignition time of the coils.

Key Words:  Atmega328, Relay, coil, gun  etc.

Project Includes:

  • Synopsis(Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • Prototype Model (Hard Ware)

Note: Power Supply-

  • In Local Pickup- Battery Included.
  • In Shipping Case- Battery is not included.

 **This product image only illustration purpose, original project may be same or may be different. We change Design time to time according to material availability**

Weight 1000 g


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