Four Leg Machine using Theo Jansen Mechanism


This project is a Prototype model of “Four Legged Machine Using Theo Jansen Mechanism”. This Model presents a mechanism for four legs walking machine. This type mechanism is called Theo Jansen linkage. A walking device has a plate form. DC motor mounted in the plate form with horizontally. Spur gear mounts in the motor shaft and connected with another spur gear. Spur gear axel to be long and end of this rod make a crankshaft. Crank plate connected to the legs with the help of some links.

Key Words: Theo Jansen Mechanism, Gear Motor.

Project Includes

  • Synopsis
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Report File
  • Data Sheet Related to Projects
  • Prototype Model


  • Power Supply Only 12 Volt Adopter.
  • The battery is not Included.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 260 × 180 × 160 mm


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