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Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor And Mover


Project Includes:

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  • PPT (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
  • 100% Working Model.
  • Power Supply- 12 Volt Adopter.

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This project is a Working Project of “Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe with Motor and Mover”. This is a prototype model demonstrate a simple four axis JCB excavator’s big arm. Arm mounted on front side of flat plate form can move up and down. All movements are connected by syringes. These syringes are connected with elastic transparent pipe. Pressures generation end connected with DC Geared Motor by Lead screw mechanism. Lead Screw rotate both direction when rotate one direction then syringe plunger push inward direction and when lead screw rotate other direction then syringe plunger move out ward direction. Hydraulic Pressure is generated in these syringes by the Liquid. In industrial level, mostly oil is used to create hydraulic pressure but we use water.

All Body is mounted on the Crawler; Crawler can move any direction by the user controls.

Excavators are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. It has 4 axis movements and is capable to pick and place any light weight object. Due to high cost and less availability hydraulic pumps and pistons, we have put our idea in the real life scenario using medical syringes as hydraulic piston.

This model reaches the great distances to deliver and picks up the heaviest possible object, rotates as well as reaches, grabs, digs and recovers objects.

 Keywords: Hydraulics, Syringe, Pipe, DC motor, Lead Screw etc.


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