Inside Pipeline Inspection Crawler for Fault Detection


This project is a Prototype model of “Pipeline Inspection Crawler for Fault Detection”. This Model presents a mechanism to traverse a Machine inside a pipe with forwarding and backward motion and should also do vertical climbing in the pipe.

This project deals with a design and motion planning algorithm of a caterpillar-based pipeline Machine that can be used for the view inside of 8-inch pipelines in an indoor pipeline environment. The Machine system consists of a Machine body, a CMOS camera.  The Machine system uses a differential drive to steer the Machine and spring-loaded four-bar mechanisms to assure that the Machine expands to have the grip of the pipe walls. Unique features of this Machine are the caterpillar wheel; the four-bar mechanism supports the good grip of the wall, a simple and easy user interface.

Key Words: Design and implementation of pipe cleaner robot, Four Bar link mechanism, Suspension Mechanism etc.

Project Includes

  • Synopsis
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Report File
  • Data Sheet Related to Projects
  • Cad Image
  • Prototype Model


  • Power Supply Only 12 Volt Adopter.
  • The battery is not Included.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 300 × 210 × 100 mm


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