Motorized Scissor Jack with Suspension and Crawler


This project is a Prototype model of “Motorized Scissor Jack with Suspension and Crawler”. This is a Prototype model which is capable to lift Car or other any object. This design is a simple and very effective for vehicle lift. This type model uses a Scissor mechanism which is operated by Helical DC geared motor with the help of DPDT Switch And operated by the 12-volt vehicle battery. It is portable and very uses full Machine for self-crawl to any desired location which you want and have a suspension system for load bearing or adjusting the load. When Load applied to the jack then suspension work very smoothly and base of jack touch on the ground and crawler can safe.

Scissor screw jacks are the most basic model and are typically used for flat tire repair. They have a scissor-like design that is operated using a large lead screw. The bottom of the jack rests on the ground while the top fits under the body of a car. A screw is inserted in the center of the scissor system and is turned to the right to raise the jack and lift the car. After the tire is replaced, the screw is turned to the left to lower the car back to the ground.

It is actually the base of the screw jack over which whole structure is designed.  Two slant plates of Aluminum are used to connect the base with the lifting platform. And the width of the platform is equal to the distance between these two plates. Now to make the motion in the screw so that lifting can be done high torque motor is used which is connected with it by the help of coupler.

Key Words: Scissor Jack, Suspension, Crawler etc.

Project Includes

  • Synopsis
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Report File
  • Prototype Model


  • Power Supply Only 12 Volt Adopter.
  • The battery is not Included.


Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 305 × 205 × 127 mm


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