Segway Omini Four wheel drive(Wired)


This project is a Prototype model of “Segway Omini Four wheel drive(Wired)”. This is a Prototype model design to demonstrate all movement of the Mecanum wheel. This type wheel very typical but it has 10-way movement by using wheel Rollers. Omni Wheels to get effective utilization of space area. The Mecanum wheel is a design for a wheel which can move a vehicle in any direction.

It is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers typically each have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel and at 45° to a line through the center of the roller parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel. A typical configuration is the four-wheeled one of the URANUS Omni-directional mobile car (pictured) or a wheelchair with Mecanum wheels (similar to that pictured). By alternating wheels with left and right-handed rollers, in such a way that each wheel applies force roughly at right angles to the wheelbase diagonal the wheel is on, the vehicle is stable and can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the speed and direction of rotation of each wheel. Moving all four wheels in the same direction causes forward or backward movement, running the wheels on one side in the opposite direction to those on the other side causes rotation of the vehicle and running the wheels on one diagonal in the opposite direction to those on the other diagonal cause’s sideways movement. Combinations of these wheel motions allow for vehicle motion in any direction with any vehicle rotation (including no rotation at all).

Key Words: Mecanum Wheel, DC Motor, Control Switch etc.

Project Includes

  • Synopsis
  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Report File
  • Prototype Model


  • Power Supply Only 12 Volt Adopter.
  • The battery is not Included.

Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 300 × 220 × 150 mm


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