Worm Gear Color- Yellow

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Good Quality Plastic worm gear with screw mount and 6mm Motor Shaft. A Plastic Worm Gear for various Motion transfer mechanism designs. It fits tightly on any 6mm D Shape Shaft motor, for example commonly available BO motors and D Shaped High Torque DC motors. This gear comes with a reducer nut to couple axle/ shafts of diameter less than the actual diameter.

Technical Specification

  • Shaft Diameter: 6 mm for BO Type,
  • Warm Pitch: 4 mm,
  • Warm Diameter: 18 mm,
  • Length: 32mm,
  • Screw Mountable Hole : 3 mm with threaded metal.
  • Material: Nylon,
  • Color: Yellow.

Includes in Package

  • 1 Piece – Good Quality Worm Gear Color- Yellow


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