Robotics Projects List

ERRB001 Line Follower Robot 
ERRB002 DTMF/Cell Phone Operated Robot, Its Operations From Remote Location
ERRB003 Obstacle Avoidance Robot with Eye Concept
ERRB004 RF Controlled Robot
ERRB005 IR Follower Robot
ERRB006 Hand Gesture Based Robot 
ERRB007 Smartphone Android Operated Robot
ERRB008 Two Dimensional Solar Sun Seekers
ERRB009 Mechanical Spider Robot Rf Controlled
ERRB010 Surveillance Robot, Online Records And Play Video At Remote Location Android Controlled
ERRB011 Lizard Robot (Four Leg Sliding) 
ERRB012 Stair Climbing Robot Smart Phone Controlled
ERRB013 Solar vehicle Controlled by Cell phone 
ERRB014 Light Follower Robot
ERRB015 Pre Defined Path Follower Robot 
ERRB016 Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Three Ultrasonic Sensor
ERRB017 Surveillance Robot (Without Microcontroller) Records And Play Video At Remote Location(RF)
ERRB018 Wall Following Robot Using Tcrt 5000 Sensor
ERRB019 Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot 
ERRB020 Wireless Robotic Arm (RF Controlled)
ERRB021 Laptop Controlled Wireless Robot (RF Technology)
ERRB022 Obstacle Avoidance And Alcohol Detection Car
ERRB023 PC Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB024 Solar Panel Based Car
ERRB025 Wheel Chair For Physically Disabled
ERRB026 Surveillance Robot ( With Microcontroller) Records And Play Video At Remote Location
ERRB027 Wireless Pick And Place Robot 
ERRB028 Joystick Controlled Robot
ERRB029 Border Security Robot
ERRB030 Pre-Defined Path Follower Robot
ERRB031 PC Based Pick And Place Robot
ERRB032 Gas Monitoring Robot
ERRB033 Mechanical Spider Robot Laptop Controlled
ERRB034 Mechanical Spider Robot Hand Gesture Controlled
ERRB035 Joystick Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB036 Wireless PC Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB037 Touch Screen Based Wireless Robotic Vehicle
ERRB038 CNC Drilling Machine
ERRB039 Touch Screen Based Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot 
ERRB040 Joystick Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB041 Edge And Crack Detector Robot
ERRB042 Water Filling Plant
ERRB043 Color Sensor Based Tricolor Object Sorting System 
ERRB044 Fire Detection And Extinguisher Robot
ERRB045 Anti-Landmine Rover
ERRB046 Voice Recognition Robotic Vehicle 
ERRB047 Model Of Driverless Metro Rail
ERRB048 Touch Screen Based Wheelchair