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Code Project Name Rsl
ERME001 Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel) ₹7,000
ERME002 Tree Climber Machine (Wired) ₹6,500
ERME003 Headlight turning by Steering ₹3,500
ERME004 Oil Water Gas Pipeline Crawler For inside Cleaner ₹7,500
ERME005 Pipeline Inspection Crawler for Fault Detection ₹7,500
ERME006 Four Leg Machine using Theo Jansen Mechanism ₹4,000
ERME007 Manual Washer Dispenser Machine ₹4,500
ERME008 Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe ₹3,500
ERME009 Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe With Motor (Wired) ₹6,500
ERME010 Four Wheel Steering System Using Links (4WS) ₹6,000
ERME011 Motorized Screw Jack With Four Bar link Mechanism ₹4,000
ERME012 Crawler Jack for Lifting With Suspension ₹9,500
ERME013 Mechanical Spider using Klann Mechanism (Wired) ₹6,500
ERME014 Cyclone Separator For Separate Heavy Particles ₹6,000
ERME015 Four Wheel Drive With Motorized Steering All Wheel steering ₹10,000
ERME016 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe ₹4,000
ERME017 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor ₹6,500
ERME018 Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor And Mover ₹7,500
ERME019 Rocker Bogie Mechanism Rough Terrain ₹6,500
ERME020 Mecanum Wheels Drive (Wired) ₹12,000
ERME021 Eight Leg Machine Using Theo Jansen Mechanism (Wired) ₹7,000
ERME022 Two Dimensional Manual Solar Sun Seeker ₹6,500
ERME023 Four Wheel Steering With Motor in-phase ₹6,500
ERME024 Segway Omni Four-wheel drive(Wired) ₹13,000
ERME025 Rack And Pinion Based Steering System ₹10,000
ERME026 Leg To Wheel Transforming Machine (Wired ) ₹9,000
ERME027 Foot paddle based power generation ₹4,500
ERME028 Drilling Machine 3 Degree Of Working ₹7,500
ERME029 Artificial Hand For Disabled Person 1DOF ₹4,000
ERME030 Gear Less Transmission in 90 Degree (Wired) ₹7,500
ERME031 Condor Electric Scissor Lift (Wired) ₹7,500
ERME032 Four DOF Industrial Arm (Wired) ₹8,500
ERME033 Pole Climbing Machine (Out Side Wired) ₹8,500
ERME034 Regenerative Shock Absorber ₹4,500
ERME035 360 Degree drilling machine ₹3,500
ERME036 Angular Gearless Transmission System (Wired) ₹10,000
ERME037 Staircase Climber With Wheel & Planetary Gears (Wired) ₹10,000
ERME038 Auto Roll Paper Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism ₹12,000
ERME039 Fork lifter Car With Wheel (Wired Controlled) ₹11,000
ERME040 Barrel Lifter With Motor Operated ₹5,000
ERME041 Horizontal Milling Machine ₹4,400
ERME042 Bench Tapping Machine ₹3,500
ERME043 Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner ₹4,500
ERME044 Power Generation using See-Saw Mechanism ₹4,000
ERME045 Power Generation Using forearms Machine ₹5,500

2021 New Projects

Power Generations using Suspension ₹6,500
Solar Powered Propeller Car ₹5,000
Speed Breaker Based Power Generation ₹3,500
Motorized Hex saw For Long Time Cutting ₹7,000
Power Generation Using Railway Track ₹7,500
Pneumatic Car ₹12,000
Regenerative Braking System ₹6,500
Pneumatic Crusher ₹8,500
Rain Sensor Windshield Wiper ₹4,500
Paper Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism ₹11,000
Highway Windmill Power Generation For Street Light ₹9,500
Portable Wood Turning Lath With Vertical Drilling ₹10,500
Electromagnetic Breaking System ₹6,000
Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension ₹11,000
Solenoid Electric Engine ₹7,500
Compact Electric Robot Car With Suspension ₹5,500
Footsteps Based Power Generation ₹5,500
Pneumatic Glass Cutting Machine ₹9,500
Multi Spindle Drilling Machine ₹7,500
Automatic Pneumatic Braking System ₹12,500
Motorised Portable Hammer ₹8,000
Bucket Conveyor System ₹8,000
Hydraulic Punching Machine ₹8,500
Automatic Drainage Cleaning System ₹11,500
Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System ₹6,500
Compressed Air Engine ₹12,000
Motorized Hex saw For Long Time Cutting ₹6,500
Motorized Hydraulic Jack ₹6,000
Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine ₹9,500
Pedal Powered Electricity Generation ₹8,000
Electromagnetic Brakes Using Magnetic Coil ₹6,500
Automatic Street Light Controller With Power Generation Using Vehicle Weight ₹9,500
Renewable Energy Generator- Wind Turbine ₹3,500
Solar Panel Based Car ₹4,000
Electromagnetic Gear Changer ₹7,500
Electromagnetic Clutch ₹6,500
Four Way Hacksaw ₹12,500
Hydraulic Press ₹10,500
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) ₹5,500
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Dual Power Source (VAWT) ₹6,500
Conveyor Belt Transmission System ₹5,000
Windmill Power Generation ₹5,500
Windmill Power Generation With Solar Power Source ₹6,500
Automatic Rotating Table With Sequence Operating Using Jenewa Mechanism ₹10,000
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice ₹11,000
Multi Spray Pump For Agriculture ₹9,500
Steering Mechanism Vehicle (Wired Controlled) ₹7,500
Border Security System (Wired controlled) ₹6,500
Motorized Hydraulic Jack ₹10,000
Pedal Powered Electricity Generation ₹8,500
Anti-collision Car ₹11,500
Fabrication Of Floor Cleaning Machine ₹12,000
Multi-Door Sliding System ₹11,000
360 Degree Car-Rotation Through Jack System ₹10,500
Automatic Rain Operated Wiper ₹5,500
Automated Vertical Car Parking System ₹10,500
Two Wheel Drive Forklift for Industry Warehouses Manual ₹11,500
Power Generation Using Vehicle Suspension ₹12,000
Automatic Reserve Indication System ₹5,000
Road Power Generation ₹6,500
Pipe Cutting Machine For Large Diameter Pipe ₹7,500
CVT Concept Car ₹6,500
Floor Cleaning Car (Wired Controlled) ₹8,000
Box Sliding Mechanism ₹7,000
Power Generation Using Vehicle Weight ₹8,500
Helical Wind Turbine ₹5,000
Scotch Yoke Multi Operation Machine ₹5,500
Hand Operated Mixer Machine ₹5,500
Regenerative Shoe Brakes ₹6,500
Solar Spray Mechanism ₹6,500
Manual Compressor Pump ₹4,500
Automated Portable Hammering Machine ₹7,500
Arm Mounted Hammer Drill Machine For Accurate Drilling ₹7,500
Design & Fabrication on Mini Lathe Machine ₹6,500
Motorized Smart Turning Mechanism ₹4,000
Mini Conveyor Using Geneva Mechanism ₹6,500
Mini Belt Grinder ₹6,500
Mini Bench Saw Machine ₹6,000
Mini Conveyor using Geneva Mechanism ₹6,500
Mini Hacksaw Powered By Beam Engine ₹6,000
Pneumatic Arm Hammer Attachment With Nail Puller ₹9,500
Motorized-Scotch-Yoke-Mechanism ₹4,000
Motorized Scotch Yoke Mechanism Piston ₹6,500
Automatic Mechanical Garage Door Opener ₹7,500
Plate Heat Exchangers ₹11,000
Drill Press ₹7,500
Double Door Opener-3D View ₹5,500
Mini Table Saw ₹8,500
Mini Mechanical Wire & Rod Cutter Machine ₹8,000
Automatic Motorized Bench Vise ₹6,500
Motorizes Jack ₹6,500
Design & Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Jack ₹3,500