School Projects – “Paper Circuits Projects”


Paper Circuits Project List

ERPC001 Ohm`S Law Representation And Power Consumption In A Circuit
ERPC002 Resistances In Series
ERPC003 Resistances In Parallel
ERPC004 Capacitors In Series
ERPC005 Capacitors In Parallel
ERPC006 Diode As A Reverse Current Blocking Element.
ERPC007 Ac To Dc Conversion Using Diode
ERPC008 Diode And Capaciotor As A Voltage Multiplier
ERPC009 Logic Implementation of “And” Using Diodes
ERPC010 Logic Implementation of “OR” Using Diodes.
ERPC011 Voltage Regulation Using Zener Diode
ERPC012 Fire Alarm
ERPC013 Gate Open Alarm
ERPC014 Voltage Division Rule & Using Ldr
ERPC015 Transistor As A Switch
ERPC016 Transistor As A “Not Gate”
ERPC017 Transistor As An “Or Gate”
ERPC018 Transistor As A “And Gate”
ERPC019 Transistor As “Nand Gate”
ERPC020 Transistor As A “Nor Gate”
ERPC021 Water Level Indicator
ERPC022 IR Remote Debugger
ERPC023 IR Based Security System
ERPC024 Delay Switch Using Rc Circuit
ERPC025 Monostable Multivibrator Using Transistor
ERPC026 Bistable Multivibrator Using Transistor
ERPC027 Astable Multivibrator Using Transistor
ERPC028 Dc Light Driving Circuit Using Darlington Pair
ERPC029 Demonstration Of Electrical Noise
ERPC030 Mosfet And Dc Motor Driving Circuit
ERPC031 Soil Health Indicator
ERPC032 Finding Polarity Of An Electromagnet
ERPC033 Representation Of Wheatstone Bridge
ERPC034 Time Constant Of A Capacitor & Rc Circuit
ERPC035 Realising The Transient Response Of A Capacitor
ERPC036 High Pass Filter Using Rc Circuit.