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    Auto Roll Paper Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism


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    This project is a Working Project of “Auto Roll Paper Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism”. This Project design With Geneva based punching machine the time for job setting, marking, punching, labour cost decreases and also less maintenance cost. In this project we are designing and fabricating the prototype of Auto roll punching machine using Geneva mechanism. This project is specially designed for automatic punching in metal sheet. This project is to introduce automation in industries. The major components involved in this project are dc motor, cam arrangement, chain drive, Geneva mechanism and punching tool. In this project we are using two rollers for moving the sheet during operation. A dc motor is connected with cam. The cam has a pin which rotates the Geneva wheel. The Geneva wheel is attached to the chain drive. The other end of the chain drive is connected to the rollers which roll the metal sheet and the punching operation is done by the punch tool. It is suitable for making mass production of the sheet metal punching.

    Key Words: Geneva wheel, Cam drive, Dc motor, Punch tool, Auto-roll punching etc.


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