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Bench Tapping Machine

Project Code: ERME023

Project Contains:

  1. Model: 100% Working hardware,
  2. Demo: On video call, before shipping the of the project,
  3. Installation support: via Call/Skype/Team Viewer/Mail,
  4. Report: In Docs Format (.doc), relevant content in the separate files.
  5. Power Supply: Battery Not Included in shipping.

Payment On Instalment:

  • 1st Registration Charge: 10% of Project price,
  • 2nd Development Charge: 50% of Project price,
  • 3rd Remaining Charge: At the Time of Project Demo.

All Charge is included in Project Price. (No any extra charges). After the deposit of 60% of the amount, the construction of the project work starts.

All Over India Shipping. “Shipping Charge not included in Project Price.”

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This is a Prototype model of “Bench Tapping Machine”. This machine Present a mechanism for tapping of any flat workpiece. Tapping is the process used to make screw threads in a work-piece. It is also known as internal threading. Now  days,  there is  a  tremendous  development  in the production  industry  and  their  relevant  machinery  to improve  the  productivity. But  still, in  small,  medium and  some large  scale  industries uses  the conventional methods in some of  the operations. Thread tapping is one of them. Tapping is the method to produce the fine thread inside the drilled hole on the plate. Most of the industries uses the conventional method says hand tapping.  This conventional method is very time consuming process, less accurate and includes higher labour cost, and ultimately less productivity. So there is a scope to develop the machine for tapping operation. This paper focuses on the review of the tapping operation and its parametric study carried out by other researchers in the same field.

Keywords: Drillchuck, Stand etc.


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Term & Conditions

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  4. Project could be either this or it could be better.
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