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DC Volt Meter Using Arduino

Project Code: EREC008

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     This project is a Prototype model of “DC Volt Meter Using Arduino”. A Voltmeter or a Voltage Meter is a measuring instrument that is used for measuring voltage or potential difference between two points in a circuit. Voltmeters are an important piece of equipment which is associated with any kind of electronics project. They are used in measurement of both AC and DC voltages.

Voltmeters are again classified in to two types namely Analog Voltmeter and Digital Voltmeter. Analog Voltmeter consists of pointer that moves across a scale and the movement is proportional to the voltage measured. Analog Voltmeters are further classified based on their principle of construction. Some of the commonly known analog voltmeters are Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Voltmeter, Rectifier Type Voltmeter, Electrostatic Type Voltmeter, Moving Iron Type Voltmeter etc. Analog Voltmeters generally have an error percentage of 5% and the parallax error is often an issue. But analog voltmeters can be used to measure ranging from few volts to several thousand volts.

To overcome the defects of analog voltmeters, Digital Voltmeters are introduced. Unlike analog voltmeters, which scale and a pointer to show the measured voltage, digital voltmeters directly display the measured voltage numerical on a digital display.

The percentage of error in digital voltmeters is usually less than 1% and the accuracy can be increased in precision digital voltmeters with high speed measurement and option of storing the values in a memory.

In this project, an Arduino based Digital Voltmeter which can measure voltages up to 50V is designed.

     Keywords: Atmega328, 16×2 LCD Resistance etc.


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