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Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Sensor


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    This project is a Prototype model of “Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Sensor”.The footstep Power generation and its use is one of the issues. Now-a- day’s numbers of power sources are present, non-renewable & renewable, but still we can’t overcome our power needs. Among these human population is one of the resources.

     This project is to develop a new source of renewable energy with low-cost budget with the help of Arduino Uno as the microcontroller. The footstep power generation system is to capture the typically wasted energy surrounding a system and transforming it into electrical energy. The technique used in gaining the energy is via piezoelectric materials. This method employs piezoelectric components where deformations created by dissimilar means are directly transformed into electrical charge through piezoelectric effect. Afterwards, the electrical energy can be regulated or stored for further use.

     In this project, we are generating electrical power as a non-conventional method by simply walking or running as the input source. The piezoelectric sensor will then send the signal into the Arduino Uno and transform it into electrical energy. The LCD will then display the amount of voltage generated by the circuit. The highest voltage generated in this project is 8.29 V. Then, the voltage stored in the battery can be used to charge the mobile phone. The result shown that this footstep generation system is very important for utilization in today’s world. The power is stored in a battery that can be used to charge a mobile phone. This system is powered by Atmega328 microcontroller; it consists of Arduino IDE, USB charging point and LCD.

   Key Words:  mechanical vibration, electromechanical converter, piezoelectric generator


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