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    Home Automation Using Smart Phone


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    This project is a Prototype model of “Home Automation Using Smart Phone”. This project helps to control the electrical loads with the help of android application. The electrical loads are controlled based on Bluetooth input signal. This input signal is received from the android device. Many times it becomes too tiring to operate the electrical switches manually every now and then. This is a big problem especially in case of aged or handicapped people. This system solves the issue by interfacing a unit with home appliances that switches these loads based on the input received from android device.

    The Bluetooth receiver is interfaced with microcontroller in order to accept the commands and then react accordingly. It operates the loads through a set of relays using a relay driver IC. Relays are used between loads and the control unit.

    Key Words:  Bluetooth, microcontroller, Relay Board etc.

    Project Includes

    • Synopsis(Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Prototype Model (Hard Ware)

    Note: Power Supply-

    • In Local Pickup- Battery Included.
    • In Shipping Case- Battery is not included.

     **This product image only illustration purpose, original project may be same or may be different. We change Design time to time according to material availability**

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