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    Object tracking Robot Using image Processing By Smart Phone


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    This project is a Prototype model of Object tracking Robot using image processing by Smart Phone”. The variation in horizontal and vertical axis of tracked object generate control signal which is send to the controller wirelessly. The captured images of the object are processed using software open CV. Depending on the change in position of object, proper commands are given to the robot to track moving ball. This project is in aimed to design and develop a mobile robot which can track a moving ball. Here, we use the camera to capture image of the ball and these frames are processed to track the ball. The features of the ball such as the color, shape, size can be monitored for tracking the ball. In our project we use the color information of the ball to track the object. Better performance of the robot can be obtained if multiple features are monitored. The motion of the robot is controlled by a microcontroller based on the control signals received directly

    Key Words:  Bluetooth, Atmega328, Motor Driver etc.

    Project Includes:

    • Synopsis(Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Prototype Model (Hard Ware)

    Note: Power Supply-

    • In Local Pickup- Battery Included.
    • In Shipping Case- Battery is not included.

     **This product image only illustration purpose, original project may be same or may be different. We change Design time to time according to material availability**

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