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    Obstetrical Avoiding Robot


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    This project is a Prototype model of “Obstacle detection and Avoiding Robot”. In this project an Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed which can detect obstacles in its path and maneuver around them without making any collision. It is a robot vehicle that works on Arduino Microcontroller and employs three ultrasonic distance sensors to detect obstacles. The Arduino board was selected as the microcontroller platform and its software counterpart, Arduino Software, was used to carry out the programming. The integration of three ultrasonic distance sensors provides higher accuracy in detecting surrounding obstacles. Being a fully autonomous robot, it successfully maneuvered in unknown environments without any collision. The hardware used in this project is widely available and inexpensive which makes the robot easily replicable. Obstacle detection and Avoiding Robot can be considered as the central issue in designing mobile robots. This technology provides the robots with senses which it can use to traverse in unfamiliar environments without damaging itself.

    Key Words:  obstacle avoidance, ultrasonic sensor, Arduino microcontroller, autonomous robot, Arduino software etc.

    Project Includes

    • Synopsis(Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Report File (Soft Copy .Doc Format)
    • Prototype Model (Hard Ware)

    Note: Power Supply-

    • In Local Pickup- Battery Included.
    • In Shipping Case- Battery is not included.

     **This product image only illustration purpose, original project may be same or may be different. We change Design time to time according to material availability**

    Weight 500 g
    Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 mm


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