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SC9270-DTMF Tone/Sound Decoding Module

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DTMF signal is the telecommunication signal over the analog phone signal, this module can recognized the button pressed signal from the analog phone signal. This decoding module is for mobile and fixed telephone voice dialling decoding function Designed specifically for ARDUINO Board. Also use for other MCU(AVR PIC MSP430 STM32 ARM7/9/10/11 FPGA/CPLD) Does not require any wiring, can be inserted directly into the UNO/MEGA2560/DUE board to use. 12 Digital outputs decode mobile and fixed telephone keys (0-9, * #).Another 4 Digital output(ABCD) can use “DTMF Dial” Software control. On-board DTMF chip MT8870. On-board voice input interface/jack. On-board five LED indicators for easy viewing output state. Chips are pin all brought out.

This compact and highly readable DTMF Module stands out in the league of similar modules available in the grey market’s provide operates 5 to 9 V DC ITS equally capable to both CDMA AND GSM handsets works fine with stereo/MONO Every single data bit is provided with an on – board led indicator for quick visual confirmation. the momentary output bit MARKED AS “s” IS ALSO provided with a bright white flash LED WHEN  a valid DTMF tone is received as input the std led flashes and the corresponding 4 bit binary value is latched to the output pins A B C AND D and then a std. led GOES low. the module is capable of providing 16 different outputs if the tones are fade thru a tone generation circuit or thru  A PC based software ( the inputs being from 0-9 * # and A B C D )

HOWEVER when operated thru cellular phone device it can provide only 12 diff outputs because of 0-9 keyboard along with * and #.

Technical Speciations:

  • Operating Voltage: Low power 5V DC
  • Operating Current:  100 mA
  • Indication: LED
  • DTMF Decoder IC: HT92B70 IC
  • Decodes DTMF as 4 bit binary
  • TTL level output for direct connection to micro-controllers

Package Includes:

  • 1 Piece-SC9270-DTMF Tone/Sound Decoding Module

6 reviews for SC9270-DTMF Tone/Sound Decoding Module

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