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Project name
ERRB001Obstacle detection and Avoiding Robot
ERRB002Voice Control Robot Using Bluetooth
ERRB003Surveillance Robot Controlled By Smart Phone
ERRB004Stair Climber Robot Controlled By Smart Phone
ERRB005Object tracking Robot using image processing by Smart Phone
ERRB006Pick and Place Robot Smart Phone Controlled
ERRB007Hand Gesture Controlled Robotics Arm (4 DOF)
ERRB008Electromagnetic Helical Coil Gun
ERRB009Leg to Wheel Transforming Robot
ERRB010Wall Avoiding Robot
ERRB011Mechanical Spider Robot Rf Controlled
ERRB012Line Follower Robot (Without Microcontroller)
ERRB013Line follower robot Using Microcontroller
ERRB014Fire Detection And Extinguisher Robot
ERRB015ZeroTurn Drive Stretcher With Obstacle Avoiding
ERRB016Anti-Landmine RF Controlled Robot
ERRB017DTMF/Cell Phone Operated Robot
ERRB018RF Controlled Robot
ERRB019Obstacle Avoidance Robot with Eye Concept
ERRB020Hand Gesture Based Robot
ERRB021Smartphone Android Operated Robot
ERRB022Voice Control Robot Using Bluetooth
ERRB023Lizard Robot (Four Leg Sliding)
ERRB024Solar vehicle Controlled by Cell phone
ERRB025Obstacle Avoiding Robot Using Three Ultrasonic Sensor
ERRB026Surveillance Robot (Without Microcontroller)
ERRB027Wall Following Robot Using TCRT 5000 Sensor
ERRB028Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot
ERRB029Wireless Robotic Arm (RF Controlled)
ERRB030Laptop Controlled Wireless Robot (RF Technology)
ERRB031Obstacle Avoidance And Alcohol Detection Robot
ERRB032PC Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB033Solar Panel Based Robotic Car
ERRB034Wheel Chair For Physically Disabled
ERRB035Pick And Place Robot RF Controlled
ERRB036Joystick Controlled Robot
ERRB037Light Follower Robot
ERRB038Pre Defined Path Follower Robot
ERRB039PC Based Pick And Place Robot
ERRB040Gas Monitoring Robot
ERRB041Hand Gesture Controlled Mechanical Spider Robot
ERRB042Joystick Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB043Wireless PC Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB044Joystick Controlled Robotic Arm
ERRB045Water Filling Plant
ERRB046Border Security Robot
ERRB047Pre-Defined Path Follower Robot
ERRB048Color Sensor Based Tricolor Object Sorting System
ERRB049Model Of Driverless Metro Rail
ERRB050CNC Drilling Machine


Project name
EREE001Power supply control from 4 different sources (Auto ensure no power break)
EREE002Automatic locking system to prevent theft in the house with intimation to police using GSM
EREE003TV Remote Controlled AC Fan Speed Regulator (without microcontroller)
EREE004Automatic washing machine control with manual override
EREE005Automobile head light lamp intensity dimmer to control glare
EREE006Beacon flasher usinga microcontroller and PWM fed MOSFET
EREE007Cell phone or landline based circuit breaker
EREE008Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond
EREE009Four quadrant dc motor speed control with a microcontroller
EREE010Fuzzy logic control or Closed Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly
EREE011GSM based energy meter billing with load control
EREE012Mobile starter: GSM based water Pump Start/Stop and send information of dry run.
EREE013Mixer grinder speed control by using a RF remote (without microcontroller)
EREE014automatic two phase changeover (without microcontroller)
EREE015Wireless Power Transfer (without microcontroller)
EREE016Industrial drafting fan in stepped speed control using BLDC motor
EREE017Industrial furnace power control by integral cycle switching without generating harmonics
EREE018Integrated energy management system based on GSM protocol and acknowledgement
EREE019Intelligent, real time auto intensity control of highway lights
EREE020IR obstacle detection to actuate the load
EREE021Cellphone-Based Remote Controller for Water Pump (without microcontroller)
EREE022Laser beam controlled garage door opener
EREE023Life cycle testing of electrical loads by the down counter
EREE024Low cost (plc) for industrial automation in the repetitive nature of work
EREE025Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone (without microcontroller).
EREE026Mixer grinder speed control by using a RF remote
EREE027Mdern home automation system using the intelligent touch screen
EREE028Modern vehicle system management in a semi can, control area network
EREE029Movement sensed burglar alarm system
EREE030Office automation system for optimum energy management
EREE031Automatic three phase Change Over(without microcontroller)
EREE032RF based Wireless Electrical Devices Controller (without microcontroller).
EREE033Overload alarm warning system in a passenger lift with a number of occupants
EREE034Password based circuit breaker control to ensure electric line man’s safety
EREE035Password based jail chamber gate operation by the motor
EREE036Precise kilometer calculation by the underground cable fault detector
EREE037Precise temperature control for incubators used in hospitals for the pre born child
EREE038Programmable energy auditing equipment for the industry for instantaneous electrical load
EREE039Pump motor or lift motor burn out protection
EREE040Four Quadrant M otor Operation (without microcontroller)
EREE042Low power inverter using M OSFET and IGBT (without microcontroller)
EREE043Intelligent Water Pump Controller with water level display (without microcontroller)
EREE044Street lights that glow for 1-2km only on detecting vehicle movement
EREE045Automatic 3-Phase Induction M otor Starter (without microcontroller)
EREE046Tampered energy meter monitoring conveyed to control room by wireless communication
EREE04715-step digital power supply (without microcontroller)
EREE048Clap based 4 different electrical appliances control (without microcontroller)
EREE049Time operated motor control with LCD display
EREE050Transformer temperature monitoring by wireless to control room.
EREE051Intelligant room lights (without microcontroller)
EREE052Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker
EREE053RF Based Temperature monitoring of transformer and acquisition system.
EREE054Contact less Tachometer Using Hall Effect Sensor
EREE055Load sharing for current control source regulation


Project name
EREC001Solar Energy Based Automatic Street Light Controller
EREC002Auto Open-Close Railway Gate Crossing System
EREC003Automatic College Bell System
EREC004Home Automation Using Smart Phone
EREC005Scrolling Led Display
EREC006Highway Speed Checker
EREC007Power Generation Using Piezoelectric effect
EREC008Voice Controlled Home Automation.
EREC010Gas Leakage Detection & Auto Off
EREC011Wireless Water Level Controller
EREC014Password Based Access Control
EREC015Wireless Stepper Motor Controller
EREC016RF Based Toll Tax Automation
EREC017RF Remote Control For AC Devices
EREC018Bluetooth Based Smart House
EREC019Real Time Device Control
EREC021Accelerometer Based Tilt Sensor
EREC022Alcohol Sensing Instrument
EREC023Advance Security System
EREC024Distance Meter Using USS
EREC025Password Based Door Lock System
EREC026Wireless DC Motor Controller
EREC027Automatic Irrigation System
EREC028Dam Shutter Control
EREC029Development Of Smart Blind Stick
EREC030Voice Operated Home Appliances
EREC031Automatic Three Phase Changeover
EREC032Solar Sun Seeker
EREC033Speed And Gear Indicator
EREC034Wireless AC Fan Regulator
EREC035Smart Card Based Door Lock
EREC036RTC Based Water Pump Controller
EREC037Automatic Viper
EREC038Electronic Card Based Lock System
EREC039Human Sensed Automatic Door Control
EREC040Digital Soil Moisture Tester
EREC041Multi Gate Door Bell
EREC042Laser-Guided Door Opener
EREC043Arduino based wireless vistor counter
EREC044Arduino-Based Compact TDS Meter
EREC045Two Dimensional Solar Sun Seekers
Projects Name
ERME001Concept of zero turn drive (Tata pixel)
ERME002Spy Tree Climber Machine
ERME003Head Light Turning by Steering
ERME004Oil Water Gas Pipeline Crawler For inside Cleaner
ERME005Inside Pipeline Inspection Crawler for Fault Detection
ERME006Four Leg Machine using Theo Jansen Mechanism
ERME007Manual Washer Dispenser Machine
ERME008Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe
ERME009Hydraulic Actuated Arm Using Syringe With Motor
ERME010Four Wheel Steering System (4WS)
ERME011Motorized Screw Jack
ERME012Motorized Scissor Jack with Suspension and Crawler
ERME013Mechanical Spider using klann Mechanism
ERME014Cyclone Separator For Separate Heavy particles
ERME015Four Wheel Steering With All Wheel Drive
ERME016Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe
ERME017Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor
ERME018Hydraulics JCB Using Syringe With Motor And Mover
ERME019Rocker Bogie Mechanism Rough Terrain
ERME020Mecanum Wheels Drive (Wired Controlled)
ERME021Eight Leg Machine Using Theo Jansen Mechanism
ERME022Dual-Axis Solar Tracker
ERME023Four Wheel Steering With Motor
ERME024Segway Omini Four Wheel Drive (Wired)
ERME025Rack And Pinion Based Steering System
ERME026Leg To Wheel Transforming Machine
ERME027Foot Steps Based Power Generation
ERME028Drilling Machine 3 Degree Of Working
ERME029Artificial Hand For Disabled Person
ERME030Gear Less Transmission In 90 Degree
ERME031Condor Electric Scissor Lift (Wired)
ERME032Four DOF Industrial Arm (Wired)
ERME033Pole Climbing Machine (Out Side Wired)
ERME034Regenerative Shock Absorber
ERME035360 Degree Universal Drilling Machine
ERME036Gear Less Angular Transmission System (Wired)
ERME037Staircase Climber With Wheel & Planetary Gears
ERME038Auto Roll Paper Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
ERME039Fork Lifter Car With Wheel (Wired Controlled)
ERME040Barrel Lifter With Motor Operated
ERME041Horizontal milling machine
ERME042Bench Tapping Machine
ERME043Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner
ERME044Power Generation using See-Saw Mechanism
ERME045Power Generation Using Forearms Machine
ERME046Clay AC Cum Air Cooler Using Terracotta Tubes
ERME047Speed Breaker Based Power Generation
ERME048Electromagnetic Breaking System
ERME049Paddle Powered Electricity Generation
New Projects List
 Power Generations using Suspension
 Solar Powered Propeller Car
 Speed Breaker Based Power Generation
 Motorized Hex saw For Long Time Cutting
 Power Generation Using Railway Track
 Pneumatic Car
 Regenerative Braking System
 Pneumatic Crusher
 Rain Sensor Windshield Wiper
 Paper Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
 Highway Windmill Power Generation For Street Light
 Portable Wood Turning Lath With Vertical Drilling
 Electromagnetic Breaking System
 Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension
 Solenoid Electric Engine
 Compact Electric Robot Car With Suspension
 Footsteps Based Power Generation
 Pneumatic Glass Cutting Machine
 Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
 Automatic Pneumatic Braking System
 Motorised Portable Hammer
 Bucket Conveyor System
 Hydraulic Punching Machine
 Automatic Drainage Cleaning System
 Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System
 Compressed Air Engine
 Motorized Hex saw For Long Time Cutting
 Motorized Hydraulic Jack
 Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
 Pedal Powered Electricity Generation
 Electromagnetic Brakes Using Magnetic Coil
 Automatic Street Light Controller With Power Generation Using Vehicle Weight
 Renewable Energy Generator- Wind Turbine
 Solar Panel Based Car
 Electromagnetic Gear Changer
 Electromagnetic Clutch
 Four Way Hacksaw
 Hydraulic Press
 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)
 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Dual Power Source (VAWT)
 Conveyor Belt Transmission System
 Windmill Power Generation
 Windmill Power Generation With Solar Power Source
 Automatic Rotating Table With Sequence Operating Using Jenewa Mechanism
 Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice
 Multi Spray Pump For Agriculture
 Steering Mechanism Vehicle (Wired Controlled)
 Border Security System (Wired controlled)
 Motorized Hydraulic Jack
 Pedal Powered Electricity Generation
 Anti-collision Car
 Fabrication Of Floor Cleaning Machine
 Multi-Door Sliding System
 360 Degree Car-Rotation Through Jack System
 Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
 Automated Vertical Car Parking System
 Two Wheel Drive Forklift for Industry Warehouses Manual
 Power Generation Using Vehicle Suspension
 Automatic Reserve Indication System
 Road Power Generation
 Pipe Cutting Machine For Large Diameter Pipe
 CVT Concept Car
 Floor Cleaning Car (Wired Controlled)
 Box Sliding Mechanism
 Power Generation Using Vehicle Weight
 Helical Wind Turbine
 Scotch Yoke Multi Operation Machine
 Hand Operated Mixer Machine
 Regenerative Shoe Brakes
 Solar Spray Mechanism
 Manual Compressor Pump
 Automated Portable Hammering Machine
 Arm Mounted Hammer Drill Machine For Accurate Drilling
 Design & Fabrication on Mini Lathe Machine
 Motorized Smart Turning Mechanism
 Mini Conveyor Using Geneva Mechanism
 Mini Belt Grinder
 Mini Bench Saw Machine
 Mini Conveyor using Geneva Mechanism
 Mini Hacksaw Powered By Beam Engine
 Pneumatic Arm Hammer Attachment With Nail Puller
 Motorized Scotch Yoke Mechanism Piston
 Automatic Mechanical Garage Door Opener
 Plate Heat Exchangers
 Drill Press Project
 Double Door Opener-3D View
 Mini Table Saw
 Mini Mechanical Wire & Rod Cutter Machine
 Automatic Motorized Bench Vise
 Motorizes Jack
 Design & Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Jack

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